Booking Through Thursday

September 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

Found on Carabosse’s blog:

Do you bring the book(s) you’re reading with you when you go out? How? Physically, or in an e-reader of some kind? Have your habits in this regard changed?

In the past it was always the tangible, touchable, smellable book to hold and cuddle with.

Now, with the idea of recycling, deforestation, space-maximising and money-saving, I’ve had to resort to an eReader. In the long run, I know it’ll pay off. I read off three devices: my Kindle, my iPhone and my iPad, in this order. I only just got the Kindle recently, and I’m so in love with it!


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  • I take a book with me to work everyday, but otherwise if I go out (which I don’t do all that often) somewhere I won’t take a book, If I know that what I’m doing is going to be quite time consuming, I’ll bring a Time Magazine or something with me, but because I like to be really immersed in my book I don’t like to stop and start. Also, I’m really anal about keeping my books nice, which is why I use the library copies just in case they get bumped.

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