My Ratings

The Golden Shelf: 5 Stars and Beyond, a book or series that have captivated me, left me shaking, put me through an emotional rollercoaster and come out the other end a changed person

5 Stars:fantastic read, would recommend, would read again, had me squee-ing, swooning and melting.

4 Stars: A great read, bordering on fantastic, but usually did not receive that last star due to me feeling unsatisfied on some elements

3 Stars: Not bad, not bad. Would not strongly recommend to my friends, might pick up again, but a book with a 3 star rating usually isn’t bad enough to be unimpressed, but may not have the elements of a complete knockdown.

2 Stars: Finished, but was not impressed by much

1 Star: Did Not Finish, or would not read again and would not recommend


Terms I usually use:

DNF: Did Not Finish

PNR: Paranormal Romance

HEA: Happy Ever After

Mary Sue: A typical, beautiful, gifted, helpless damsel in distress where men fall all over to do her bidding. Mary Sue’s usually have me clawing my eyes out.

Alpha: As in ‘Alpha male’. Strong willed, possessive, hot and determined with a good dollop of bad-assery.

ALoL: As in ‘ALoL moment’ or an Almost-Loss-of-Life moment. The plot device, usually involving someone’s almost-death, that sparks rash and ridiculous decisions made by our hero/heroine that ends up in sudden declarations of love, proposals of marriage, and leaps into the why did they just do that? unknown.


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